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Sell Your Overstocked, Discontinued & Mis-Measured Remodeling Products with our’s Partner Program

If you’re a home improvement company, contractor, remodeler, construction company, supplier or window company…you probably have a Bone Pile of Overstocks, Discontinued and Mis-measured Products sitting around your warehouse. You walk by it everyday and wish there was a way you could recoup some of that lost profit from having those remodeling products just sitting there. Now you can!

Sign-up for one of our Partner Program today and start selling your new windows, doors, flooring, kitchen & bath and other home-improvement products to local builders, contractors, house flippers and other Do-It-Yourself individuals (DIY) who are out there looking for a good deal on local-area remodeling products. Sign-up for one of our Partner Programs below and get started selling your products today!

We have several Partner Programs to choose from:

Bronze Partner Program

Only have a few products to sell? List your individual items using our Bronze Package and sell your individual products on! The Bronze Partner Program is our Per-Item program that includes login credentials and Customer Service to help you get your products online and available.



  • Sell Your Products on a “Per Item” basis for only $10 Per Item
  • Put your Overstock, Mis-measured & Discontinued Products online today
  • Choose your own prices for your remodeling products.
  • Offer Installation, Deliver or other options if desired
  • Convert Potential Buyers into Potential Leads
  • Also, check out our Silver, Gold & Platinum Partner Programs.
  • $10 Per Product – No Hidden Sign-Up or Monthly Fees

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Bone Pile Windows - Silver Partner Program

List unlimited products for only $20 a month! Clean up your warehouse and recoup your losses from mis-measures, overstocks and discontinued products today! Our Silver Partner Program is our most popular monthly program that allows you to start selling your overstock, discontinued & mis-measured Windows, Doors, Flooring and other remodeling products online immediately for only $20 a month.


  • Put your overstocked & mis-measured Windows, Doors, Flooring and other Remodeling Materials Online Today for only $20/month!
  • Choose your own prices for your listed remodeling products
  • Buyers pick-up your products directly at your warehouse or storage facility
  • Take payments through your normal method methods at your office or offer only cash-n-carry option
  • Convert Potential Buyers into Potential Leads
  • Offer Installation, Deliver or other options if desired
  • Easy to use…add your windows, doors, flooring or other products from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC
  • No Hidden Sign-Up or Commission Fees!
  • Sign-Up Today, Cancel or Suspend Your Subscription Anytime. If you sell all your products you can suspend your account at anytime, and start it back up when you have more products to sell.
  • Only $20 per month to list unlimited products

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Our Gold Package Offers All The Features Of Our Silver Plus Advanced Social Meadia Marketing To Boost Traffic To Your Website or FaceBook PagesOur Gold Partner Program has all the features of the Silver Package, plus extra marketing features to help send you more business including:



  • All the features of the SILVER PACKAGE above plus:
  • Includes Click-Through Banner Advertising for your company on our site to help drive new customers to your website or Facebook
  • Also get additional marketing on our Social Media Platforms to get you more Internet traffic and Potential Leads.
  • Includes the ability to use our toll-free & local phone numbers if you’d like on your products to screen calls for potential buyers. We handle the customer service and send you the buyers.
  • Only $40 per month for unlimited products…includes the Bonus Banner Ad & Social Media Marketing

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platinumOur Platinum Partner Package is for businesses with multi-store locations, Window, Door & Flooring Suppliers, Window Manufacturers, Wholesale Outlets and other large groups. If you are a franchise, have multiple locations or are a remodeling materials supplier or manufacturer, call us for a quote on using our services to help you sell your remodeling products on our website. Call us at (800) 748-0847 today for more information.


We Also Offer Internet Marketing Strategies To Help You Get More Leads From The Internet Including:

Get More Leads & Potential Prospects from Our Internet Website Marketing & Social Media Marketing CampaignsGET MORE LEADS FROM YOUR WEBSITE!

Do you wish your website was jumping through hoops and producing LEADS like you thought it was supposed to? You’re not alone! 

There are so many companies out there that have a descent looking website, they just don’t get any LEADS off of it. That’s where we come in! We specialize in creating and maintaining websites for Builders, Remodeling Companies, Home Improvement Companies and others in the construction and remodeling business. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Services for your website and can create or upgrade your current Social Media Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms for you for only $499 Per Month.

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Old World, Granite, Marble, Stone, Quartz



Drive Leads & Potential Customers From Your Banner Advertising running on our website, to your company’s website or Facebook Page for only $20 Per Month.  Click on the “Old World Granite & Marble” Banner to the left, to see it in action. (Note: This is included in our Gold Partner Program above.)



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Need More Information on how our Partner Programs &
Internet Marketing Services work? Call Us At (800) 748-0847 Today!